Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Death of David Kelly - An undisclosed search on 18th July 2003?

The recent post, The Death of Dr. David Kelly - Concealment of information on computers at his home, drew attention to the seeming incompleteness of available information from the computers at David Kelly's home.

However, another interesting aspect arises when the details of the circumstances are carefully considered.

The email from Terry Williams is timed at 18:13 on 18th July 2003.

That timing indicates that items (possibly not confined to the computers and associated items) were removed from Dr. Kelly's home on 18th July.

Apart from the brief (informal and/or unauthorised ?) search by Detective Sergeant Webb mentioned briefly in his oral evidence, I was under the impression that David Kelly's house was (first?) searched on Saturday 19th July 2003.

So far as I can ascertain there is a "search document" on the Hutton Inquiry web site only for the search on 19th July 2003: "Search document "Westfield" 19/07/03 - not for release - Police operational information TVP/3/0328 - 0368".

But none for the search conducted by Detective Sergeant Webb (and others?) on 18th July 2003.


  1. This from DS Webb's evidence (P64):

    7 Q. Did you find anything else in your search that day?
    8 A. I did. I then checked Dr Kelly's desk, where his
    9 computer had been installed, and the first thing
    10 I notice were a number of business cards which had
    11 apparently originated from journalists.

    Notice the word 'had' in line 9 indicative of Dr Kelly's computer having already been removed.

  2. Brian,

    A very interesting possibility.

    Removed during the 04.40 search of the house (before the body was officially discovered)?

    Or during the apocryphal 08.00 "MI5" search of the house (again before the body was officially discovered)?

  3. Andrew,
    In the article by Tom Baldwin, The Times 19th July 2003 we read

    "Detectives searched his home and it is believed that they took away a computer and several files from the house."

    This refers to Friday 18th July.

  4. Andrew, Terry Williams joined LGC Forensics in Culham in 2005, as we already know, employer of Roy Green, the foresic scientist.
    On Mr Williams' page of the LGC Forensics website , where he is now head of computer forensics, we see...
    "During his time with Thames Valley Police Terry received three commendations: two were from the Chief Constable for his analysis work in convicting pedophiles and the other from the Assistant Chief Constable for his computer forensics work into the investigation of death of a high profile figure.".

    i.e. Dr David Kelly.

    What was so worthy of commendation in the Kelly case???

  5. Felix,

    That's a very interesting spot.

    I think there are serious questions to be asked about the examination of the computers.

    Terry Williams is one target for questions.

    I suspect there are others (whose roles, I suspect, have been carefully concealed so far).