Monday, 18 April 2011

The Death of David Kelly - Dominic Grieve Dismisses suggestions of a cover-up

There are extracts online from a very interesting doorstep interview given by Dominic Grieve in August 2010 here: POLITICS: Doctor David Kelly death: Attorney General dismisses cover-up.

Among the things Dominic Grieve says is the following:

I have no reason to think, absolutely no reason to think, and there is not a shred of evidence to suggest, that there has been some cover-up in respect of the circumstances of Dr. Kelly's death.

To get the clips (of which there are five) to run click on the video then let it run past its seeming end. Eventually it gets to the Dominic Grieve statement that I quote above.

I wonder if he regrets the comment now.


  1. A full version of the Dominic Grieve interview is here: POLITICS: Doctor David Kelly death: Attorney General interview.

    It includes the quote, "If there is evidence [of a cover up] then my office is the place to send it to.".

  2. As I've mentioned before, in a previous sermon, I believe a cover up to be a far more wicked crime than the murder. And I know for a fact that the Attorney General now has a mountain of evidence of cover up, following his appeal. Corruption of a Justice system debases society.

    If Mr Grieve does not now order a proper investigation (he has accepted that he is the right person to deal with the matter of cover up) he will become an integral part of the cover up.

    Some problems that Mr Grieve faces if it is cover up are the police and civil service are up to their necks in it. Who will impartially investigate? Who will prosecute? Who will Judge? How does a systemically corrupt and rotten legal system cleanse itself?

    If there was a cover up it would mean that the people we pay to administer and dispense justice have become so corrupt that they are prepared to conspire to pervert the course of justice in return for what? An enhanced pension? An honour?

    But if it was murder these people (politicians, police and civil servants) have covered up the murder of one of their own , a government employee for speaking out of turn.

    So maybe the motive for doing the government’s evil bidding isn't avarice and pride, perhaps its fear.

    Maybe, if it was a cover up, the cowardly scum that went along with it did so out of fear but in the sure knowledge that they would be well rewarded.

    I haven't given up hope on humanity yet and still hope that a key player will come forward and publically admit their guilt in the worst crime to be committed in Britain in generations. That person may lose their job, pension and possibly their life but they will surely gain the respect of the nation but far more important than that they would gain self respect, without which life is not worth living.

    And I haven’t given up on Mr Grieve, I trust he will find a way of having the allegations of cover up investigated properly and if found to be substantiated then the law should be freed from the manipulation of politicians and allowed to take its course.

  3. Does anyone know who the reporter is in the interview at the link in my first comment?

    That interview does a fantastic job in forcing the Attorney General to make some very helpful statements, in my view.