Sunday, 7 November 2010

The death of David Kelly - If it was murder, what was the motive?

I'm putting this up as a hopefully thought-provoking question.

If, as I conclude, the "suicide hypothesis" looks at best problematic and, very likely, is discredited what is the correct explanation of the "death of Dr. David Kelly"?

The possibilities of natural causes and accidental death don't, in my view, merit serious or lengthy consideration.

It follows, however, that if it's not suicide, not natural causes and not accidental death then it has to be murder.

I can identify no other option. Can you?

If it's murder, then it's not a casual murder. It's not a simple mugging, for example.

If it's murder dressed up as suicide, what could the motive be?

Meantime, I'll leave that as an open and unanswered question.

If it's murder, then the question of motive requires a credible answer.


  1. Norman Baker has theorised that Dr Kelly was murdered by Iraqi dissidents, that UK security services weren't able to stop them but that it was the UK security services that made the already committed murder then look like suicide. Although I'm not yet convinced by the scenario painted by Mr Baker it does throw open the interesting possibility that murder was committed by one party only for a different party to dress it up as a suicide.

  2. It all looks like something teed-up from way back, perhaps the whole time frame of the Hutton Inquiry. David Kelly was a huge figure,massively intellectual and robust. A picture has been painted, for whatever reason to make him seem weak,depressed and suicidal, but no-one, commercial industry, or Govenrmnent would want to lose his enormous talents, his knowledge on Chem/Biol agents, warfare and weapons. From reading every word of evidence it appears that all the forces which ought to have been protecting him were looking the other way. But they were never far away. And they were always quick to the scene,seemingly well prepared and seemingly having pre-knowledge of what they might find.
    The investigation into his suicide and all the events following it are just too crazy to comprehend.
    I'll tick the box "none of the above"

  3. Brian,

    In general terms it seems to me more credible that the UK Police would have a stronger incentive to cover up for a "friendly" security service, than for some Iraqi unit.

    Of course, that's merely a feeling.

  4. Felix,

    You mentioned in an earlier comment the visa fiasco in Kuwait.

    If that hadn't happened would David Kelly have met Andrew Gilligan on 22nd May 2003?

  5. According to Xymphora he tried to go back again. Worth reading for the gloss on the famous Mr Toad comment.
    Odd comment from the daughter re:Kuwait (HI)
    "The first I knew was Dad flew to Kuwait from Heathrow Airport and on departure he discovered his visa was incorrect but he was still allowed to board the plane.When he arrived into Kuwait he was refused entry and physically searched, I believe he was physically restrained -- they are not particularly dignified there -- and he was then kept overnight in a hotel and his phone was taken from him. He was then deported back to the UK"
    Wonder who THEY are? No diplomatic incident there, then.

  6. Felix,

    The Mr Toad comment is a fascinating one.

    I've no idea about who Mr. Toad might be, but I think his comment is well worth careful consideration.

    I guess if you turn suicide around and find murder that's one possible fulfillment of what Mr. Toad said.

    But I'm pretty sure that's not the direction his comment was intended to lead his readers.