Sunday, 28 November 2010

The death of David Kelly - Tom Mangold's silly hypothesis on video

I know that some readers of this blog are familiar with Tom Mangold's silly hypothesis about how David Kelly could have been murdered.

The following video, Norman Baker MP on the Death of Dr David Kelly, includes an interview with Tom Mangold where he expounds his nonsense.

Seemingly unaware, from the evidence given to the Hutton Inquiry, that Ruth Absalom met David Kelly sometime around (or a little after) 15.00 on 17th July 2003, Tom Mangold postulates a kidnap of David Kelly from his home.

It's a nonsensical suggestion, if the evidence given by Ruth Absalom is truthful.

Having started with nonsense, Tom Mangold continues with more nonsense.

Mangold postulates that David Kelly is then carried physically to Harrowdown Hill.

Hasn't Mangold heard of vehicles? Transporting David Kelly in a vehicle is a much more credible mode of transport.

And, as a tour de force, Mangold then asserts that the "suicide" has been investigated by "seven" agencies: the local police, the county police, Scotland Yard, Special Branch, MI5, MI6 and the CIA.

How, for example, is the "local police" to be distinguished from the "county police"?

Mangold's assertion is bizarre and literally incredible.


  1. Of course, Dr Kelly may indeed have returned home from his short walk , with Ruth Absalom being a suitable witness for Hutton at the apogee of his circuit. As I have said before, nothing is independently verifiable.

  2. This is not the only time that Mangold has come out with this total garbage. Surely he can't be that much of an idiot. I can only think that to support the suicide hypothesis he has to come out with the most absurd explanation for a possible murder scenario. The man just insults our intelligence in my opinion.

    The nonsense about DK having received a devastating phone call on the morning of the 17th is of course pure speculation based on no more than Mrs Kelly's supposed behaviour.

    Talking about DK Mangold says 'What he did was always calculated' Mangold stupidly shoots himself in the foot at this point because as we know DK selected the most unsure way he could find to kill himself, if that is what he did.

    Mangold is either a complete idiot or he has been put up (as a "friend" of DK) to knock down any murder hypothesis.

  3. Felix,

    If David Kelly returned home before his hypothetical abduction from his home, surely Janice Kelly would have noticed three people in the house?

  4. Interesting comment there by Mr Mangold.
    Who the hell gave the CIA authority to become involved in a police investigation in rural Oxfordshire?
    Perhaps out friend Mr Mangold has actually just let the cat out of the bag, is it possible the CIA are more involved that we all realise?

  5. Brian,

    You're right.

    Mangold's assertion of a supposedly devastating phone call is speculation, so far as I can judge.

    Hie estimation of the effect of the supposed phone call is also melodramatic in the extreme.

    David Kelly could have got a job in any of several situations, if the MoD had chucked him out. Even the Blair government wouldn't have been so stupid as to attempt an Official Secrets Act prosecution of David Kelly (even if they had sound grounds to do so) in all the circumstances in 2003.

    The Parliamentary Questions didn't have to be answered until early September, so I understand, so there was no immediate threat to David Kelly arising from having to answer the Parliamentary Questions.

  6. Frank,

    Maybe the CIA gave themselves authority!

    David Kelly's connections with Mai Pedersen and Judith Miller indicate fairly significant US links.

    Did those links include the CIA? Very possibly.

    If Tom Mangold is correct that the CIA were involved in the investigation of David Kelly's death it certainly makes it sensible to look westwards for possible alternative motives for the killing of David Kelly.

  7. Andrew

    Would Mrs Kelly admit that there were one,two or even a hundred people in her house on that Thursday afternoon/evening?

    Mangold's piece is completely worthless because, as Mr Hunt would have said, it ignores all the other features of the case. He is just parroting what we can all read from the hearsay of Mrs Kelly's appearance at the Hutton Inquiry. It is another case of "look away, nothing to see here".

  8. Andrew

    You mention Ruth Absalom. I recall in one version of "nutty Tom's" nonsense he accommodates DK meeting Ms Absalom by saying that just prior to the two meeting his captors let him go and after the conversation ends recapture him so that Ms Absalom sees it as perfectly normal. What planet is Mangold on for goodness sake. I can't recall the link for now but will post if I come across it again.

  9. See also comment at 9.06pm by steelback here re Kelly/Mangold