Friday, 5 November 2010

The Death of David Kelly - Was the knife found at the scene used?

A knife, assumed to belong to David Kelly, was found close to where his body lay.

We don't know if the knife found belonged to Dr. Kelly or not. His wife wasn't shown the knife, only a photocopy.

One glaring omission in the forensic testing is that, so far as I can find, no tests were done on the knife found at Harrowdown Hill to determine whether or not it was used to incise David Kelly's left wrist.

Why not?

It's possible that the still secret report by forensic biologist, Roy Green, addresses this question. Until that's released the question of whether or not the knife found beside David Kelly's body was used or simply planted beside the body remains an open question.


  1. Any ideas why only a photocopy was shown? (I immediately discount Lord Hutton's reason)

  2. Felix,

    That's really a question for Thames Valley Police to answer.

    But, I think it was unwise on TVP's part, given that it is simply another piece of sloppy or substandard investigation, in my view.