Monday, 15 November 2010

The death of Dr. David Kelly - The unasked questions

In this post I wish briefly to list some questions that, in my view, ought to have been asked of witnesses who gave evidence to the Hutton Inquiry, but which, so far as I can trace, were not asked.

Please feel free to add, in comments on this post, other significant questions that you consider ought to have been asked by Hutton but weren't.

I think it could be useful in time to bring together a single list of questions that should have been asked.

1. Dr. Nicholas Hunt - Did you consider the possibility of a murder made to look like suicide? If not, why not?

2. Mr. Roy Green - What was your view of the distribution of "arterial rain" at the scene at Harrowdown Hill where the body was found? What is your explanation for the seeming absence of "arterial rain" on the clothing of Dr. David Kelly?

3. Assistant Chief Constable Page - What was the identity of the three men seen in the vicinity of Harrowdown Hill whose identity you indicated you believed you knew?

4. Assistant Chief Constable Page - What was the purpose of erecting a 110 feet high communications mast at the home of Dr. David Kelly some four hours or so after he was reported missing?

5. Dr. Alexander Allan - Where was the blood sample taken from in which you measured the concentration of paracetamol and dextropropoxyphene? Why did you fail to measure dextropropoxyphene in the stomach?

When commenting, please try to add a question in the Person - Question format then add any explanatory comment after that.

In time I'll try to pull all the unasked or unanswered questions into a single list.

I haven't seen anything that attempted to be a "complete" list of unasked questions. It strikes me that it could be very illuminating to see in one place just how many questions weren't even asked by Hutton!

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