Monday, 15 November 2010

The death of Dr. David Kelly - The Daily Mail article of 13th November 2010

Some readers of this blog will likely be aware of the publication of a short article in the Daily Mail on 13th November 2010: Drug expert claims David Kelly was murdered as he could not have taken overdose.

It might be helpful if I fill in a little of the factual background.

On the morning of 28th October 2010 I telephoned Thames Valley Police to ask them to reopen the David Kelly case since I believed that the available evidence including the toxicology data suggested that David Kelly may have been murdered.

The Unique Reference Number allocated was URN514 of 28/10/10.

I subsequently received an acknowledgement sent on behalf of Assistant Chief Constable Helen Ball.

The acknowledgement was sent on 1st November 2010.

I have heard nothing further from Thames Valley Police in the intervening two weeks.

Their silence is consistent with the statement in the Daily Mail article:

Police confirmed they had received Dr Watt’s allegation that the scientist was murdered.

‘This will be considered by senior officers at the next meeting we have on David Kelly. We have not yet decided what to do about Dr Watt’s information,’ said a spokesman.

One of the more perceptive comments on the Daily Mail web site came from someone indentifying herself as Ethel from London:

"We have not yet decided what to do about Dr Watt's information,' said a spokesman...."

Well I'll tell you what to do: Investigate!

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