Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The death of David Kelly - Lord Hutton is lying: Not all the evidence is on the Hutton Inquiry web site

Last month in this post, Lord Hutton is lying: Not all the evidence is on the Hutton Inquiry web site, I drew attention to the absence of the report(s) of the forensic biologist Roy Green from the Hutton Inquiry website.

Today I draw attention to another missing piece of evidence - the report by computer investigator Edward Wilding about the personal digital assistant belonging to journalist Andrew Gilligan.

I looked carefully for it on the Hutton Inquiry web site and cannot find it.

Mr Wilding's oral evidence was given on the afternoon of Thursday 18th September 2003.

Mr Wilding had some residual questions about how to interpret his findings on Andrew Gilligan's PDA and was in consultation with another computer expert, Professor Sammes, until the very last moment.

On the morning of Wednesday 17th September 2003 James Dingemans QC made the following statement (see Page 1 on that date's transcript):

5 MR DINGEMANS: My Lord, can I just announce a few changes in
6 the timetable? Mr Wilding and Mr Sammes, computer
7 experts who were going to give evidence this morning
8 before Mr Gilligan gave his evidence, are in the course
9 still of meetings and they will not be available to give
10 evidence until tomorrow afternoon.

Why might Mr. Wilding's report be important?

One reason is that the first version of the supposed record of Andrew Gilligan's meeting with David Kelly is dated 21st May 2003 - the day BEFORE Gilligan and Kelly met!!

If Andrew Gilligan made notes of a meeting supposedly with David Kelly on the day BEFORE they met something very fishy is potentially going on.

Mr. Wilding's report, if we could access it, would allow a sensible assessment to be made of the preceding discrpancy, among other matters.

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