Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Death of Dr. David Kelly - a new phase on this blog

In my preceding posts I've generally tried to avoid sources other than the Hutton Inquiry web site and the recently released postmortem and toxicology reports, Dr Kelly post mortem and toxicology reports.

As far as was practical I tried to avoid existing web sites or blogs on the death of David Kelly.

Arrogantly or otherwise, I wanted to come at the raw data on the Hutton Inquiry web site and the postmortem and toxicology reports with as independent and clear a mind as I could.

I haven't yet publicly addressed all the issues I'm thinking about but I think it might be useful if I take a look at some questions that others have been asking long before I got seriously involved in this mystery.

My first target will be a question posed in 2006 by Rowena Thusby here, WHY WAS THERE NO ARTERIAL RAIN ON DR KELLY'S CLOTHING?.

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