Monday, 1 November 2010

Dr. Eileen Hickey - forensic scientist

One of the currently inexplicable decisions by Lord Hutton (assuming he was carrying out a diligent and thorough inquiry) is that he failed to take oral testimony from Dr. Eileen Hickey.

Mr Roy Green, forensic biologist, testified that Dr. Hickey accompanied him to the scene where David Kelly's body was found. See Page 140 of the transcript of oral evidence for the afternoon of Wednesday 3rd September 2003. It seems likely that Dr. Hickey, like Mr. Green, may have spent some 5 hours at the scene.

It is bizarre that Dr. Hickey was not a witness at the Hutton Inquiry.

Dr. Hickey was senior to Mr. Green, at least in terms of academic qualifications.

She appears to have been one of the "biologists" mentioned in evidence to Hutton.

A brief biography of Eileen Hickey is available here: Eileen Hickey.

Her expertise appears to include DNA. It would have been her evidence, I assume, that would have attempted to determine whether the "blood" found at the scene was blood and if it was uniformly David Kelly's blood or if DNA from some other individual was present.

We are given no information about what samples she took or what time she took them. Neither are we told what any of the results of her tests might have been.

In my opinion, this is wholly unsatisfactory. This glaring omission alone makes the Hutton Inquiry look like a tawdry cover up.

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