Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Death of David Kelly - The Police statement that he was right handed

One of the intriguing aspects of the Hutton Inquiry web site is that you can get glimpses into how his mind was working.

Here, Witness Statement of Karen Lesley Roberts, there is a witness statement dated 3rd January 2004.

The witness statement simply states that David Kelly was right handed.

Of course, that is long after Hutton stopped hearing oral evidence.

The final report was released on 28th January 2004.

Just over 3 weeks before the report was published it would appear that Hutton thinks to ask if Kelly was right handed, very late in the day realising that he doesn't know.

Given the evidence of Mai Pederson, The Death of David Kelly - The evidence of Mai Pederson, it's a great pity that Hutton didn't also think to ask whether David Kelly had enough strength in his right arm to make incisions in his left wrist of the kind detailed by Nicholas Hunt in the postmortem report.

If the functionality of David Kelly's right arm is as described by Mai Pederson, the suicide hypothesis is further discredited.


  1. You would be correct to dismiss this as insignificant, but in in this video clip at 5.36 and 5.49 Dr Kelly is seen carrying different bags in his left hand. This might relate to his elbow injury. At 5.22 the ?pen? and paper seems to be on the left of the keyboard,though there is no evidence of writing being done there.

  2. Felix

    My sense looking at the video clip at the points you mention is that this part of the video is a reconstruction by actors.


  3. Felix and Brian,

    I think 5.22 and 5.36 is an actor.

    I'm pretty sure that 5.49 is the real David Kelly.