Sunday, 7 November 2010

The death of Dr. David Kelly - Who was Harry Lime?

It looks very likely that after the volunteer searchers Louise Holmes and Paul Chapman found a body in woodland at Harrowdown Hill, they met three non-uniformed individuals on the track leading towards where the body lay.

DC Graham Coe gave testimony to the Hutton Inquiry that there were two.

It seems very likely that DC Coe lied to Hutton.

Why might he have done that?

Who was the "third man"?

Who was Harry Lime?


  1. DC Coe was interviewed by the Mail fairly recently. He said the third man was a trainee police officer who had now left the force. Coe wouldn't give his name.

    But in his original evidence to the HI, he said the DC Shields was the only other officer with him. Shields was not called to give evidence.

    Coe said he couldn't remember saying to the HI he was with only one other officer.

  2. Rowena,

    Yes, that's correct.

    But what motive could DC Coe have to lie to Hutton about the presence of a "trainee police officer"?

    I think it's much more credible that Harry Lime was something else entirely.

    In all likelihood someone who "shouldn't have been there", in the sense that his presence there wouldn't fit with the public narrative of events.

  3. Of course, by denying the presence of Harry Lime, DC Coe entirely avoids the need publicly to identify him at the Hutton Inquiry.

  4. When composing the preceding comment I wrote "DC Cod".

    Even subconsciously it seems to emerge that something is fishy!