Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Death of David Kelly - A large scale timeline from the BBC

I mention this primarily as a possible resource for some who might come fresh to the consideration of the death of David Kelly and want to look at a longer term perspective than the events immediately relating to David Kelly's death.

There is a useful long term timeline of events relating to a Conspiracy Files programme.

I haven't checked it in detail against Hutton Inquiry evidence (yet) but it seems generally pretty accurate on a first read.


  1. Thanks for posting this very useful rough reference, Andrew.
    I hadn't noticed that extraordinary incident over Dr Kelly's Visa at Kuwait on 19 May which is in the Hutton transcripts. Unbelievable.
    I should just add that Norman Baker (whose book I myself did not read until very recently, and after going through all the relevant transcripts myself) later discovered that the 45ft radio mast erected in the Kellys' garden was in fact 110ft high. This is not the sort of kit which police forces have ready to be wheeled out on a phone call right out of the blue at 11.40pm at night.. one might speculate that it was part of Operation Mason. Does anyone know where it came from?

  2. Felix,

    I'm glad you found the link useful.

    I was hoping that others would see things that I might miss.

    Sharing information sources is very useful in this context, I think.

  3. Felix,

    A propos of the radio mast, one suggestion that I'm aware of is that it was to provide secure communication to GCHQ and/or to Tony Blair who (without checking a detailed timeline) I think may have been flying from the US to Tokyo.

    I haven't checked it out in terms of timeline etc. Somebody else might want to.

    Where did the radio mast come from?

    My working hypothesis would be GCHQ.


    If Operation Mason started at 14.30 on 17th July 2003 and involved surveillance of David Kelly from around that time it would make sense to me.

    That assumes that Thames Valley Police knew for several hours (approximately) before the search volunteers went out that David Kelly was dead.

    Why not send an FOI request to TVP and ask where the radio mast came from? An answer would be interesting. A refusal to answer equally so.

  4. Felix,

    According to a post way down a huge list of comments here,, an "SIS comms unit" was present to communicate with Tony Blair.

    It's just stated baldly. I haven't checked why it was inserted in a seemingly unrelated discussion.

    It might be rubbish. It might be spot on.

  5. If you read DK's diary, he enters a flight to Kuwait on May 19th with Kuwait Airways, the next day an onward flight to Dubai, followed by a return by Emirates Airlines EK05 back to Heathrow the same afternoon.
    1. If you are being deported, you won't have the return flight booked in your diary will you?.
    2. What was he doing in Dubai?
    3. Why have a return flight to Dubai/ London, rather than an onward journey to Iraq?
    4. Why not come straight back fro Kuwait if being deported.
    (c.f. evidence of Wing Commander Clark)

    Notice how his daughter Rachel is quizzed over that strange diary entry and somehow she knows that her father has retrospectively entered the flight(s) he was deported on
    "He was deported from Kuwait. That entry there shows he did write in the correct date he travelled back and shows he entered it after the event.
    Q. Because they are accurate rather than what he had planned to do?
    A. Because they are accurate, yes."
    All clear,then.

    Judith Miller is also linked to Dr Kelly in this blog piece's comments,someone else who might have added to the Hutton Inquiry picture.

  6. Felix,

    Rachel Kelly's evidence about the diary is bizarre, in some respects.

    That "evidence" about the diary is needed to discredit the David Broucher evidence about David Kelly predicting that he would be found dead in the woods.

  7. Felix,

    The Kuwait visa fiasco is very interesting.

    If it hadn't happened then David Kelly couldn't have met Andrew Gilligan on 22nd May 2003!

    He would have been in Iraq.

  8. Felix,

    A very interesting link.

    I was particularly intrigued by John Scarlett's alleged behaviour.

    A propos Judith Miller, she is a bit of a mystery to me. Whose side is she on? What is her agenda?

  9. Andrew
    There was an Observer Interview with Barton here from May 2005 on the "nuggets".

    I need to find out how and when the Gilligan meeting with Dr Kelly was organised...

  10. I have found an article by Judy Miller dating from 21 May 2003 here which is about the US evidence that the trailers found were for producing anthrax. It mentions British experts.
    Best read in conjunction with these blog by Andrew Simon. See especially comment by @emptywheel re Judith Miller.
    The feeling I got elsewhere was that the UK/Australian weapons inspectors were sure that the trailers were for producing hydrogen.

  11. It would be instructive to follow the comparable brouhaha in the USA at the same time - The Iraq-Niger Uranium Controversy and the Outing of CIA Agent Valerie Plame Wilson. Interestingly, the duff misinformation about the Niger Uranium originated with British Intelligence. David Kelly also had contacts on both sides of the Atlantic , including Judy Miller who outed Plame-Wilson and who released the "dark agents" email of 17 July 2003 from Dr Kelly as soon as Kelly was found dead. More about Judith Miller's curious contributions to the New York Times here. Note a reference to David Kelly in Miller's piece :David Kelly, a former United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq, says there was a “resurgence of interest” in smallpox vaccine in Iraq in 1990, “but we have never known why.” (December 3, 2002: CIA Investigating Iraq Smallpox Claim, New York Times Reports)