Wednesday, 18 May 2011

David Kelly - Obituaries

Attempting to understand the man that was David Kelly is not easy at this distance in time. One indirect way to gain an impression of David Kelly outside the furore of the last weeks of his life is to read the obituaries by his colleagues and others.

Here I list some obituaries in the mainstream and other media.


  1. The whole reason we went to war could very easily have been freemasonry:

  2. Andrew, there are other obituaries in, for example Pugwash and CBW bulletin. However, what I find interesting in the Sept 2003 issue of the latter (obit p.36) is the report that Dr Kelly presented a paper at the 55th Rose-Roth Seminar at Wilton Park on Bioterrorism the Legacy of the Soviet Biological
    Weapons Programme?
    between 5-8 June 2003, alongside Rolf Ekeus. Strangely, Dr Kelly's diary says he is in Qatar and the Gulf.