Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Death of David Kelly - Video of Susan Watts on Newsnight 2nd June 2003

On the BBC web site is a transcript and video of Susan Watts' piece on Newsnight on 2nd June 2003 about the doubts growing regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The article is here: Intelligence case oversold?.

A link to the video of Susan Watts' piece is on that page but hopefully clicking here can take you direct to the video.

In includes footage of Tony Blair in flagrant Blair-faced lie mode:

"The idea that we doctored such intelligence is completely and totally false. Every single piece of intelligence we presented was cleared very properly by the Joint Intelligence Committee."


"I think it is important that if people actually have evidence they produce it, but it is wrong, frankly, for people to make allegations on the basis of so-called anonymous sources, when the facts are precisely the facts that we've stated."

What Mr. Blair could claim in June 2003, that the intelligence was cleared "very properly", no longer stands up.

Incidentally, the "Unnamed Man" in the transcript saying,

It is beginning to look as if the Government's committed a monumental blunder.

is Robin Cook.

Perceptive chap!


  1. Interesting extracts from Mr Dingemans questioning of Susan Watts:
    Ms Watts: "So he did not reply to that e-mail, which is written in fairly cryptic language because I was concerned not to identify him to anyone who might be reading his e-mails.......he felt that either colleagues were listening, either directly in the room or by some other means
    Was he working at home,using xsk45 email??
    Who would be monitoring his emails? He had been in London on the 24th from his diary. Mr Dingemeans queries where Dr Kelly might have been on the 25th. Probably not in London, if he wrote London specially on the 24th in his diary. More curiously though, he did meet SW according to his diary on 24 June. This meeting was not mentioned by Dingemans.
    Dingemans however does bring up a note regarding meeting SW in Dr Kelly's diary on 10 March 2003. Ms Watts has no idea and the line of questioning dies. His computer diary says he was in London. What was the significance?? And why the initials? (Kraatz-Wadsack is also referred to by initials, but for more practical reasons, I feel)

    Was any meeting with Andrew Gilligan in his diary? No.

  2. Hutton can go to hell; Chilcott can go to hell! The due process of law does not exist for a certain group of people. These people are protected a by a hidden tier of power which controls what our politicians do. These inquiries are merely a waste of public money. Had the law been carried out to the letter than Tony Blair would alr
    eady be in jail as a war-criminal. I am in no doubt that Blair gave the order to murder Dr. Kelly!