Monday, 23 May 2011

The Death of David Kelly - The Dr. David Kelly debate on The Daily Politics

A recording of part of the piece on today's The Daily Politics on BBC2 has been posted on YouTube here: Dr David Kelly debate - The Daily Politics - 23/05/11.

The quality of the recording isn't perfect and it omits Sir Peter Tapsell asking the question of the Prime Minister.

Perhaps a better quality recording will appear on the BBC site before long.


  1. Thanks for pointing out the video, Andrew.

    I looked up Prof. Julian Bion's remaks, as quoted here by Aaronovitch, which he made to The Independent,published on 23 October 2010.

    "Any one of the injuries or disease processes identified – had it existed by itself – would not have been sufficient in itself to cause death. When you assemble it together, you get a different picture... The information provided satisfies me that this was suicide."
    (The Independent continued...a solicitor for the Kelly family said they would not be commenting on the documents).

    However, Blon adduced to Channel 4 another contributory factory, not noted elsewhere: exposure and he also puts greater emphasis on coronorary heart disease.

    "When you assemble it together, you get a different picture: the information on the nature of the injury, the extent of coronary artery disease, and the rather modest levels of dextropropoxyphene and paracetemol, together with exposure during the night. "So I would concur with the pathologist's opinion."

    I am afraid I just don't buy Prof Blon's Damascene conversion based on Hunt's released report. Sorry Mr Aaronovitch.

    And of course I don't buy the exposure story either.

  2. Felix,

    I had brief contact with Julian Bion.

    He had matriculated in the Aaronovitch school of thought; he didn't want to be bothered by considering the detailed evidence.

  3. The programme is now available on the BBC web site: The Daily Politics.