Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Death of David Kelly - David Cameron is an expert on the Hutton Inquiry ... supposedly

Around the time that the Hutton Report was published the then leader of the Conservative Party, Michael Howard, entrusted the responsibility to understand the detail of the Hutton Inquiry to an ambitious young MP called David Cameron.

Not only did David Cameron brief Michael Howard but he also wrote two pieces about the Hutton Inquiry for the Guardian.

On 8th January 2004 David Cameron wrote this: Hutton in five easy steps.

On 3rd February 2004 David Cameron wrote this: Hutton's takeaway.

It seems that David Cameron didn't spot the deficiencies of the Hutton Inquiry regarding David Kelly's death.

Would a new inquest be too embarassing for David Cameron since it might reveal his shortcomings in interpreting complex data?

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