Friday, 20 May 2011

The Death of David Kelly - Tom Mangold in the Evening Standard of 18th July 2003?

Mention is made of an article by Tom Mangold about David Kelly in the Evening Standard of 18th July 2003.

But I cannot find the article online.

Can anyone help find it?

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  1. Thanks to a tip, here is the beginning of the article:

    "Byline: TOM MANGOLD

    By Tom Mangold Former senior BBC correspondent and author of Plague Wars

    I WRITE this knowing that a body has been found five miles from David Kelly's home. I do not wish to assume the worst at this very moment, but the signs are not good.

    David Kelly is one of the most honourable friends and contacts I have had the pleasure of knowing.

    He is incapable of deception, which is why in the end he turned himself in to the MoD believing he was Gilligan's source for the controversial Today story.

    That is typical of a man with a real conscience.

    What is less typical for someone who used words with such deadly precision is a certain indecisiveness in front of the foreign … "

    From Most honourable of men with the very best of motives..