Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Death of David Kelly - The Irish Government's criticisms of the Widgery Report

Readers of this blog will be aware that I see many parallels between the deficiencies of the now discredited Widgery Report, Report of the Tribunal appointed to inquire into the events on Sunday, 30th January 1972, of 1972 (an Inquiry in which Brian Hutton played a key role) and the not-yet-publicly-discredited Hutton Report of 2003.

The document to which I refer here, Bloody Sunday and the Report of the Widgery Tribunal: The Irish Government's Assessment of the New Material Presented to the British Government in June 1997, is fascinating reading but is very much a document of interest to those examining the broader historical and procedural issues relating to the Hutton Inquiry rather than the more immediate medical and forensic concerns.

The techniques which Lord Widgery used to arrive at the corrupt conclusions which, following publication of the report of the Saville Inquiry, were publicly refuted by David Cameron MP in the House of Commons, Saville Inquiry, deserve close study.

I find worrying parallels between the methods adopted by Lord Hutton in 2003 and those employed by Lord Widgery in 1972.

In 1972 Brian Hutton was an observer of how the black arts of the senior judiciary can be used to defeat the ends of justice.

In 2003 I consider him to have employed many of those black arts of the senior judiciary to produce a Report which is corrupt and dishonest in many of its particulars.

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