Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Iraq Inquiry - Request for evidence by the end of June 2011

In recent months I've devoted much of this blog to the evidence relating to the suspicious death of Dr. David Kelly. However, the Iraq Inquiry (the "Chilcot Inquiry" that is "cheating us") remains very much on my radar.

Sir John Chilcot is quoted here as asking for further evidence by the end of June 2011 (Iraq war Inquiry issues more documents):

I should be grateful if anyone with any further insights could ensure that they are submitted to the Inquiry by the end of June.

on the following basis:

To write the full report, the Iraq war Inquiry needs to gather a full range of evidence. Accordingly, the Inquiry officials continue asking for “statements from the witnesses who have unique perspective on the events it is studying.”

The recently disclosed evidence from Major General Michael Laurie suggests that Alastair Campbell lied to the Iraq Inquiry. See, for example, Iraq evidence 'vindicates BBC's dossier claims':

Rod Liddle, a former Today editor who hired Mr Gilligan, said: "These comments tell us what we knew already – that the BBC told the truth, Gilligan told the truth and Alastair Campbell's outrage was confected and it was a lie."

Of course, if Rod Liddle is correct, then Lord Hutton also failed to find the truth.

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