Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Death of David Kelly - Are we all mad or is it Hutton?

Henry Porter writes in the Observer of 1st February 2004 an article with the memorable title, Are we all mad, or is it Hutton?, which I've borrowed in the title of this post.

It's an interesting read since it's contemporary.

Henry Porter draws attention to some glaring inconsistencies between the evidence Hutton heard and his conclusions.

Personally, my conclusion is not that Hutton was mad. My view is that he was corrupt.


  1. Justice delayed is justice denied.

    Hutton got away with it because he could, Blair had well and truly corrupted the justice system before his patsy Hutton was called on to “do the right thing”.

    Hutton would have no shame at all in prostituting his role as judge and jury in the Kelly affair; he saw it as his duty to serve his Prime minister, he had done so for a previous Prime minister and been well rewarded.

    It wasn’t just Hutton who went along with Blair’s blatant contempt for truth and justice; MI6 prostituted their intelligence reporting in order that Blair got what he wanted; Scarlett got rewarded with the top job. That’s how corruption in government and the civil service is repaid; promotion, enhanced pension and possibly the odd honour.

    I have personal experience of my local police force (not in Lancashire), CPS and IPCC conspiring to cover up serious crime and espionage committed by civil servants at the time that Dr Kelly was murdered. They got away with it because they could. The key players got promotions.

    Now Dominic Grieve has to decide if he is going challenge Blair’s all out assault on our democracy or whether to face down the public demand for justice and continue the vile contempt that previous government’s have spewed onto our society.

  2. It is an interesting article by Porter. But it seems to ignore the three-legged race involving Blair/UK and the USA/GW Bush completely. So many interesting witnesses could have been called by Hutton from the US....
    And of course Dr Kelly seemed to have one foot on either side of the pond.

  3. Felix,

    One US-based witness that I would have particularly liked to see called was Judith Miller.

    Imagine counsel asking "Ms. Miller do you have any idea who the 'dark actors' that Dr. Kelly referred to might be?".

    And getting an answer that wasn't to the effect, "I'm sorry, I've no idea.".

    So far as I'm aware there is no witness statement from Judith Miller on the Hutton web site.

    I wonder why not.

  4. LL,

    In referring to Hutton and a previous prime minister I assume you're referring to what's sometimes called "the Brian Nelson affair"?