Thursday, 12 May 2011

The Death of David Kelly - Lord Hutton defends himself in 2006

On 18th October 2006, Lord Hutton published a defence of the Hutton Report in the legal journal Public Law.

At one time the 26 page article was available in full online here but it appears to have been removed.

The press release accompanying the article, Lord Hutton responds to media reaction to the Hutton Report, remains online.

The Guardian covered the publication of Lord Hutton's defence here: Lord Hutton defends David Kelly report.

The focus of Lord Hutton's article seems to have primarily related to the clearing of the Blair Government with respect to the integrity of the September 2002 dossier.

Lord Hutton seems, based on the information currently available online, to have ignored the question of the reliability or otherwise of his conclusion that David Kelly committed suicide.

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